Here we want to give some examples of monitoring graphs an how to generate them. Most of the graphs are based on data stored in rrd-databases and graphs are generated with rrdtool. So before continue reading have a look at some basics about rrd and rrdtool graph on Tobi Oetikers rrd-beginners tutorial page.
Further recommendation about monitoring data visualization monitoring graph design principles

more details on the creation of graphs displayed here will come …


startpage ixquick


todays motd is a quote from rfc865 qotd server

“We in a fight to the finish, so why not fight till ur finished? I'm my own author, here's my story, my life's been full of pain so where's my glory? So glorious, victorious, we take what we want, we born warriors…” - Juelz Santana (The Second Coming)

monitoring graphs

traditional mrtg i/f stats graph

interface stats

read here how to create these graphs

cpu stats

httpd / apache2

apache 1min stats

bind rtt

bind rtt 1day stats

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