This online game is reachable via http://vonwangelin.com/gomoku since 2002.

About Gomoku

Gomoku is a board (or paper and pencil) game for 2 players typically on a 18×18 board. The winner is who gets first exactly five stones in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). You can play this game online here against the implemented algorithm.

About this page

This gomoku site was originally created in 2002 as an exercise in javascript programming. I took gomoku as an example of board games I really like. The algorithm to calculate computer's next move is an interesting piece I do randomly change on this site. So please be aware that the computer's strength can improve without prior notice ;-) . The servers cgi application is written in Perl5. Enjoy and good luck. Daniel von Wangelin (2003-05-02)


There is no copyright as we know of. So please let us know in case you have knowledge about some copyrights regarding gomoku.
Please report bugs, feature requests, questions to dev[at]vonwangelin.com. Thank you!


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